Ultra Rich Facial Cream

1.7 FL OZ. / 50 mL

Our vegan Ultra Rich Facial Cream provides a deep and intense burst of all-day moisture for normal to especially dry skin. This facial cream features three nourishing seed oils, coconut, and shea butter, making it a heavy-hitting moisturizer that locks hydration into the skin. Also ideal for use as a night cream!


Aroma: Rose, davana, and chamomile

Top notes: Lime and lemon essential oils

Middle notes: Rose, davana, and chamomile essential oils

Base notes: Cedarwood and galbanum essential oils

Best for: All skin types


Key Ingredients:

Camelina Seed Oil: Provides skin with protective vitamin E and nourishing omega-3s.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Moisturizes skin for vibrance, smoothness, and softness.

Safflower Seed Oil: Helps lock moisture into the skin.

Shea Butter: Provides skin softening with high concentrations of fatty acids.

Full Ingredient List:

Water (Aqua), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Glycerin (Vegetable), Cetearyl Olivate (Olive), Glyceryl Stearate SE (Coconut), Coco-Caprylate (Coconut), Cetearyl Alcohol (Mixed Plants), Sorbitan Olivate (Olive), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Camelina Sativa (Camelina) Seed Oil, Cetearyl Glucoside (Coconut/Sugar), Heptyl Undecylenate (Vegetable), Cetyl Palmitate (Palm), Sorbitan Palmitate (Palm), Sorbitan Oleate (Glucose), Kaolin (Clay), Fragrance (All Natural), Gluconolactone (Glucose Syrup), Potassium Sorbate*, Sodium Benzoate*

* = Food Grade Preservative

To read more about the function of every ingredient in this formula, check out our Ingredient Glossary.

Application Instructions:

Apply a dime size amount and massage onto face and neck until well absorbed.

Recycling Instructions:

Sort and recycle each packaging component curbside. (Carton is paper, tube is aluminum, and cap is plastic. Make sure tube is completely empty. Label can be left on tube.)

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  1. Jennifer

    I absolutely love the scent of this cream!! I use this every night it’s the only location that has the right hydration for my face/neck!

  2. Tina

    I love the natural ingredients in this moisturizer. It’s a little heavy but it’s still worth buying as an alternative to mainstream cosmetics that have so many chemicals

  3. Carrie M.

    I like the consistency because it is thick enough to dispense just the right amount. It does provide a moist feeling on my face, but also a tacky feel. Sometimes the tacky feel isn’t noticeable, but more often than not it is tackt to the touch. It also leaves a shine on my skin at times, which I am not too fond of. It does hydrate, but I just do not like the feel on my skin all day. This product did not win me over.

  4. Sweetpea

    I LOVE the gentle fragrance of this cream My skin is very dry and can b sensitive. I usd this cream and my skin felt very hydrated and smooth. It was not irritating at all and left my face feeling soft

  5. Liyah Williams

    I have tried many, many lines of products to try to hydrate my skin. I take very good care of my face/neck, but could never find a moisturizer that gave enough hydration that lasted. Many products would feel good for about 30 minutes and then my face would feel tight/dry. This one….not the case. I’ve been using this moisturizer day and night for a few years. My skin feels great and it stays hydrated. It is a thick cream, but I’ve had no issue with clogging, etc. It is the promise land for faces who cannot find enough hydration.

  6. Rosalique

    after my two year long (and really expensive) quest for the perfect moisturizer, I finally found this cream. It is everything that I wished in a moisturizer– quick to absorb, thick enough so it feels like its working and my face is hydrated, sticks around long enough so my face is hydrated all day, and you only need to use a tiny bit!!! You may initially think its a lil on the thick and heavy side, but as your skin absorbs the stuff, you’ll see its got just the right consistency! I would definitely recommend!

  7. Sysy

    This cream isn’t too thick or too thin. It does it job and can be worn either sham or night. I have no heard of this product before and did some research on social media. They are very eco conscious and out to make the world a better place with their products.

  8. brittneyreaves91

    This Ultra Rich facial cream is very moisturizing. After cleansing my face before bed, I have been applying a pea sized amount to my face. It works amazingly, the only thing I’m not fond of is the smell. I would definitely recommend this face cream to anyone with dry skin!

  9. KO16

    I have been using this product for a while now and I love it! It does its job of keeping my face moisturizes like I need it to and a little go a long way. I’ve been receiving compliments on my skin so that tells me it’s a great product! I would recommend to others to try!

  10. Madhu

    Rich cream, kept me skin soft and hydrated for hours. Has a cooling effect after applying which is a plus. It has a strong oil smell that i’m not a huge fan of especially on my face. Smell is not very pleasant.

  11. Amberlicious

    It left my face feeling super hydrated, has a nice calming scent. Easy to apply with a small amount, massage onto face and neck. I appreciate their mission to support independent organic farmers of America

  12. Pallavi Deshmukh

    I tried the Seeds ultra rich facial cream and I liked it very very much.This facial cream is so luxurious! The texture is thick & rich but it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or greasy. A little goes a long way.Ultra Rich Facial Cream is a perfect cream for my face! It keeps my skin silky, moist, and most important ungreasy. I honestly didn’t know about it before I received the product from Power Reviews. However, now I know it and I liked it very much. I will surely buy it in future and I recommend it to family and friends.

  13. KJ

    This face cream has a very light fragrance. It left my skin feeling silky smooth. I would recommend this product and plan on purchasing again in the future.

  14. Mel the Mom

    I use the Seed Phytonutrients Uktra Rich Facial Cream in the morning and evening as part of my skin care routine. This stuff is amazing! Perfect coverage, not too greasy, but it hydrates wonderfully. Smooth finish, great under makeup.

  15. sunnyinNC

    This facial cream is so luxurious! The texture is thick & rich but it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or greasy at ALL!! Normally, the thicker creams leave an unwanted residue behind leaving my face feeling weighed down. That wasn’t the case at all with this product. A little goes a long way so the tube is going to last me a long time. The fragrance is light, floral, and feminine; I found it to be quite calming, too! My skin was left feeling so soft, smooth, radiant, and healthy. The fact that it is a natural product is just icing on the already amazing cake! 🙂

  16. Greenseven777

    This Ultra Rich Face Cream made my face feel a lot softer. I did notice a small difference in my complexion. Need to use a bit longer for full results. Overall I am happy with the product l.

  17. Caroline

    Ultra Rich Facial Cream is a perfect cream for my face! It keeps my skin silky, moist, and most important ungreasy. I honestly didn’t know about it before I received the product from Power Reviews. However, now I know it and it really suits my skin, I will for sure always buy it and recommend it to family, friends, colleagues, and whoever wants a perfect healthy moist skin

  18. Catmomma

    Never have I imagined a organic lotion that smelled good and worked great! The natural ingredients worded wonders! My skin is soft and looks great!

  19. Dezzy

    I use this Ultra Rich facial cream twice a day. Morning and night. I love how soft it makes my face feel

  20. Rocks4

    This product makes my face feel soft and it has a healthy glow. I love the way my face feels after using this product.

  21. Mirandaj14

    This moisturizer is amazing. It leaves you face feeling so soft and hydrated. And the smell is wonderful. It’s light and airy. The package is so cute.

  22. dcdivc

    I have really dry skin in the winter and this product worked very well for me. It is super thick and creamy and smells great too. I applied it to my face at night and in the morning when i woke up my skin felt great! I would definitely recommend this face cream.

  23. Rhomal

    Let me start by saying I loooove the earthy packaging of this lotion. So beautiful! It really could not have come at a better time since my skin has been horribly dry this winter. I had been trying everything but for some reason this year has really been rough (literally) for my skin. When I received this lotion I tried it immediately. It is definitely rich but not greasy at all. It absorbs almost instantly into your skin. I’ve been using it twice a day for about 2 weeks and the change in my skin is amazing. My skin is soft and looks silky smooth. Even my makeup looks better because my skin is so supple now. I’m really surprised at how well this lotion works and it’s only been a short time. It’s very natural which I love. No animal testing, vegan and they support independent American farmers. This product is a dream! There really isn’t a fragrance to it per say, but just a very light scent that I can’t quite place. It’s not bad or good exactly, at least to me. I don’t think it’s enough to bother anyone with scent issues. I never knew this company existed before but now I am excited to try all of their products. And again the simple packaging looks high end and down to earth at the same time. I just love everything about this product and I highly recommend it.

  24. Harmony P.

    I had not heard of this brand or product prior to receiving it to review, but i will buy and recommend! I was having dry skin issues on my face and had tried a handful of notable brands with little to.no success. In just a week this product has greatly improved my issues!! No burning or irritation as I had previously encountered with other brands either!!

  25. Div123

    I am so happy about the ingredients in this ultra rich facial cream. It smells natural too. It promotes American farmers and I am happy about the quality as well. It’s great for dry skin. It’s not at all sticky yet gives you all the moisture you need . It’s the first time I am trying this brand and I am super happy about it. I had no allergies after using it . My skin feels soft and radiant. It’s free from harmful skin damaging chemicals and so safe to use. So much hydration I feel my skin is so nurtured by this cream. Love it overall .

  26. Nia10

    I have been using this cream for a few days and I love it. It’s like a blessing for my thirsty skin. It’s gentle yet effective. It gets quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave any residue. no sticky feeling whatsoever. My makeup goes on smoothly since it hydrates my skin so well. Best cream ever. I highly recommend it to anyone having dry skin issues.

  27. Yesed

    thanks for my gift and the truth is impressive the result of this cream is completely different it leaves my skin of my face very soft I have my skin very dry and with black spots can be by age or by the cold and I received this cream that is completely natural ingredients all organic and I’m using it for 5 days and the change of my skin is so incredible the tone of my skin I like sunflower flowers but I never imagined getting to try a product that is sunflower seeds I think I get this cream just in time to correct how bad it is on my face and the probe is very good I recommend 100% completely natural I received this product completely free sample 1.7 oz / 50ML

  28. Ktn145

    I love the story behind this product line. I’ve only been using this Face lotion for a week. For it being for extra dry skin it isn’t as moisturizing as it claims. It’s over all a great lotion for its ingredients but don’t expect it to heal super dry skin overnight.

  29. jjdklc25

    I love this facial cream! It makes my skin feel very soft, smooth and hydrated. It feels very light and refreshing on my skin! I continue to use this daily and will re-purchase! Highly recommend trying this skin cream!

  30. Catherine S

    I love this facial cream it has all natural ingrediance and It feels great on my face. This cream is rich and buttery and has a nice scent. I have been using it twice a day and there is such a difference in my skin, it isnt dry and dull instead I have a hydrated and a perfect complexion.

  31. thehut

    I had never used anything by this brand before, and I was so pleased to try it. I love how it feels on my skin! You only need a small dime sized and it does a good job when you add some facial oil to it, it makes it smooth on your skin easier. It feels so light and it smells so pretty too! I definitely enjoyed getting this free to test it!

  32. IT

    This moisturizer absorbs quickly, it’s best to take a pea sized amount and warm it between your hands so that it goes on smoothly as its absorbs through your skin. I was afraid at first that it would feel heavy on my skin. Initially it felt more like hand creme than face lotion, but it actually feels really nice and light. My skin felt soft and encased in a velvety moisturizer without feeling weighed down. I would definitely keep this as part of my routine. Start with a serum then finish off with this lotion.

  33. Ann317

    This was actually my first time trying the Ultra Rich Facial Cream and I am really impressed by it. It is so creamy and thick, but not greasy. It absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling smooth as silky. The smell is also amazing, and best of all it is subtle and not overpowering. I am hooked, I love how well it has worked for my face, it will definitely become a staple in my facial routine. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great facial creams made with great high quality ingredients.

  34. Jack1024

    I use this product after my night shower and this product really keeps my skin nice and soft and moist I don’t have no more dryness to my face. This is a product I will continue to purchase

  35. testrite

    This facial cream is heavy feeling on my face. It has Shea Butter in it and that is what I like about it. I gave this one longer to try to make sure I liked it. I received it free from viewpoints to try. I really like it because it absorbed quickly into my face and neck. I used it on a clean face and I used a dime sized amount. I think I should have used less then that because it felt heavy on my skin. My skin felt soft after using it and my neck looked way better more hydrated. It’s paraben free. I will buy this product after I finish using up my 1.7 oz. The packaging is totally awesome. I have to say this one is my favorite. If they have serums I will buy them too! Love it! It’s not greasy and it’s long lasting. I’m going to stick with this for a long time.

  36. Schneids21

    I love the Ultra Rich Facial Cream! My skin was left so soft and hydrated. I felt the smell was a little strong, but was so worth it. I have dry skin from makeup and using the facial cream after a few uses, it totally changed. If you normally dry skin, this is for you!

  37. Trisha

    Absolutely loved this face cream. I have haf a hard time finding one that I really actually like and doesnt make my face feel like a big grease pit. Absolutely would buy in the future!

  38. JustJess76

    I absolutely love this product. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. There is no greasy feeling. It has a nice light scent too!!

  39. jzhang678

    The Seed Phytonutrients Ultra Rich Facial Cream is my new love for everyday skin moisturizer. I have dry to very dry skin even though I live in the hot humid South Florida weather. This cream is as it says – very rich. It blends in nicely with a silky texture. It takes a min or two to absorb. I use it under other layers (sunscreen, foundation) and it doesn’t look or feel greasy all day long. My skin is noticeably healthier looking. I feel radient everyday now, thanks to Seed Phytonutrients Ultra Rich Facial Cream. I highly recommend it!

  40. Sam

    I shower and wash my makeup off and apply this cream makes the face so smooth

  41. jjv

    So refreshing and relaxing. Love to use it before I go to bed. It feels so great I saw an immediate change (clearing/glowing) in my skin it feels so soft and smooth.

  42. Ccormier

    I try to buy all natural beauty products that support sustainability and what’s best for both the health of my skin and the health of the environment. I received a bottle of Seed Phytonutrients Ultra Rich Facial Cream, and I have fallen in love with this product. I had never heard of this company before, but I’m extremely glad I found it! I am definitely going to purchase it in the future and recommend anyone give this a try. I’m quite impressed with the quality.

  43. TerriS

    I couldn’t wait to try this facial cream. I love everything about it. I love how it feels on my skin, how rich and moisturizing it is (especially in this harsh winter weather). I love the company and brand goals: natural, organic, paraben free, cruelty free…on and on. The tube and box are also recyclable. Investing and nurturing sustainable farmers and caring for the earth through our purchases, it’s so important. Having a great product with a great mission, I love it! I was not aware of this product or company before, but now that I know…spread the word…highly recommend!

  44. SarahJane0209

    This moisturizer is so thick and creamy ‘m& it really does the job! I love that it’s 100% organic and doesn’t have harmful ingredients in it!

  45. Elizabeth

    Got my face cream yesterday and put it on last night before bed and it goes on so smooth. Doesn’t have much of an odor which is good. Made my skin feel soft this morning.

  46. MissQW

    The Ultra Rich Facial Cream is natural and made by farmers. I love supporting local farmers. The product is mild on sensitive skin and has a nice light scent.

  47. jen from smithfield

    I work in extreme weather conditions and my eye area gets dry and chapped from my eyes watering. This product soothed the area and left my sjin smooth and soft. It also smells great which is a great bonus

  48. Chels

    I used this product in the morning after I washed my face and before bed as well. I loved the way it made my skin feel so smooth!!!

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