Superseeds Glow Serum

1.0 FL OZ. / 30 mL

Our vegan, lightweight Superseeds Glow Serum absorbs beautifully and immediately into skin, instantly hydrating while providing a refreshed glow. Formulated with sunflower and camelina seed oils to boost moisture, vibrance, smoothness, and plumpness, plus a healthy dose of vitamin C to protect skin from environmental and oxidative damage! The perfect addition to any routine- your skin will love this universally beneficial serum!


Aroma:Rose, davana, and chamomile

Top notes: Lime and lemon essential oils
Middle notes: Rose, davana, and chamomile essential oils
Base notes: Cedarwood and galbanum essential oils

Best for: All skin types


Key Ingredients:

Camelina Seed Oil: Provides skin with protective vitamin E and nourishing omega-3s.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Moisturizes skin for vibrance, smoothness, and softness.

Vitamin C: Protects skin from environmental and oxidative damage.

Vegetal Glycerin: Softens skin and helps to reinforce skin barrier function.

Full Ingredient List:

Water (Aqua), Propanediol (Corn Sugar), Glycerin (Vegetable), Caprylic/Capric Glycerides Polyglycerin- 10 Esters (Coconut), Hydrolyzed Algin, Ascorbyl Glucoside (Citrus Fruit), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Camelina Sativa (Camelina) Seed Oil, Xylitol (Sugar), Xylitylglucoside (Sugar), Anhydroxylitol (Sugar), Coco-Glucoside (Vegetable), Carrageenan (Seaweed), Fragrance (All Natural), Gluconolactone (Glucose Syrup), Potassium Sorbate*, Sodium Benzoate*

* = Food Grade Preservative

To read more about the function of every ingredient in this formula, check out our Ingredient Glossary.

Application Instructions:

>Apply a pea size amount and massage onto face and neck after cleansing skin.

Recycling Instructions:

Glass Bottle: Clean well and recycle curbside with label on.

Pump: Recycle with Pact Collective (we recommend saving up 5 to 10 hard-to-recycle Seed packages before mailing!)

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  1. Georgia @plasticfreephd

    Wow, I received the glow serum as a gift from Seed Phytonutrients and I can’t get enough of it. I will definitely repurchase after I run out because it is so effective on my skin. After a couple weeks of use the clarity and texture of my skin has improved dramatically; it really does leave you with a glow.

  2. Susan

    O M G. I have been using it on my eyelids because I prefer lightweight treatments around my eyes. unbeknownst to me, my hooded droopy right eyelid is no longer drooping! Does just what I wanted all the eye creams to do that I’ve purchased over the many years. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Can’t wait to try the other products.

  3. Tonya

    Love how this applies to my face and leaves my skin glowing! A must try!

  4. Sarah

    Gentle and effective go lift skin and reverse the signs of sleepiness or premature aging. It glides on so glamorously & seems to vanish into the skin showing immediate change. Works great for my daughters red spots, uneven skin-tone & acne also.

  5. dkgnus

    I love it my skin feels so soft!

  6. Bloper

    Superseeds Serum is fantastic I can really tell a difference. Its produced and grown organically and sustainably in the USA which makes me feel good about buying and using it. The serum is not greasy but it is super hydrating and plumps your skin up and gives that youthful appearance. I have included pictures of before and after 1 month of using this amazing product. Superseeds is an all around winner.

  7. Gwen

    This is as great product. I have extra dry spots in the winter and this is just amazing. It helps replenish my dry spots and evened out my skin. Seems to have gave me a more youthful appearance.

  8. unn176

    I had never heard of Superseeds Serum prior to receiving a free sample from Viewpoints. I’ve been using the serum on my face and neck for the last few weeks and so far, I am pleased with the results. My skin looks and feels more supple and there has been a small reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My face has a more refreshed look to it since I started using the product. The serum is easy to apply. It is lightweight not sticky, absorbs quickly and has a nice pleasant aroma. I am pleased that this is an eco-friendly company that has produced a serum made with natural ingredients including fatty acids, protective antioxidants and vitamin C.

  9. LCMom

    I have been using Superseeds Serum for a while now. I have early signs of aging. This serum has helped bring a vibrancy back to my face and neck. It has made my skin softer and less wrinkled. I noticed a difference within a week of using the serum. It does not have a harsh smell. It feels smooth going on and does not take long to dry. I am very happy with this serum. I have recommended it to all of my friends!

  10. Meg the mama

    The smell of this is amazing, and I notice a difference with my skin. It definitely smooths out my face.

  11. Flowergrlaz

    I hadn’t heard of this product before receiving it to sample, but I am impressed. My skin feels hydrated and softer than before, and I love how this product is made—I can be sure that I am not putting harmful chemicals on my face. I would recommend this to others for sure!

  12. Natosha T.

    I love the way the serum soaks into your skin, it isnt greasy or oily. Leaves skin super soft and supple. Noticed a difference in skin tone and dark spots. Great product!

  13. Fatima509

    Wasn’t sure at first as my moisturizers usually come in different bottles. Well after trying it fell in love with the way it leaves my skin . No hanging and no hard. I’m sure you will love it after trying it. Scent is another thing I love about it. Soft . Deff feel a diff in my skin

  14. Richaar

    This superseeds serum is magic. My skin feels so silky and healthy after each application. It is very effective and lightweight.

  15. Dcrystal293

    Love it and it makes your skin feel great!

  16. Greendaygrl

    I recently had a chance to try the Superseeds Serum and am in love! It sinks into my skin quickly, didn’t leave a greasy feeling behind and my skin looked beautiful! I ill never be without it!

  17. Manda

    Good product a little sticky but smells incredible

  18. nikki

    I have noticed a remarkable change in my skin. My skin was dull, flaky and dry with a few white heads. After using Superseed serum I noticed the change in my skin. The whiteheads are gone, my skin is radiant and not flaking. My skin looks healthy with a glow.

  19. Madisoncdj

    I was not aware of this product or brand prior to now, and I must say I absolutely love it. I love the ingredients and it makes my skin feel nice and soft. It also smells absolutely lovely.

  20. Cyndee

    Moisturizing but it splatters everywhere When you pump it out of the container. I’ve learned to do half pumps. My face is super moisturizing in my neck area. However if I do a full pump I feel like I’m wasting a product. I would recommend this to a friend I did not know about this company prior. So proud to learn about a eco-friendly company that manufactures a great product 🙂

  21. JoJo the Realtor

    I’ve used many serums and this one definitely stands above many of them! This serum smells fantastic, goes on smooth, has great coverage and doesn’t cause my skin to react. With a lot of other serums I need at least two pumps to cover my face, whereas this only requires one! This stuff absorbs very quickly and leaves you feeling like there is nothing on your skin. The scent is very fresh and I love that the product supports local farmers. The fact that it is cruelty free is also very appealing to me! I was unaware of this brand prior and am looking forward to purchasing more of their products. I would recommend anyone with sensitive skin that cares about the environment to try this product. Everything they send you is recyclable and the ingredients are about as natural as they come!

  22. Birdlegs2

    Works amazing first and foremost. Has a soft pretty Smell. Beautiful bottle and packaging. I used it for over a week now and my eye area looks youthful again

  23. Lulubee

    l love the way my face feels and looks after applying this serum.

  24. Evette Allen

    The serum is amazing ! I immediately felt the difference in my skin . This product leaves your skin feeling silky and moisturized and has a very pleasant light scent . I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their overall skin texture and appearance .

  25. CarolynK

    This all natural Superseeds Serum really does dimish fine lines and wrinkles. Just a few drops smoothed onto the skin, absorbs quickly without being greasy, almost instantly diminishes your fine lines and wrinkles. I love that it is 100% organic/natural. This is perfect to help stave off the early signs of aging.

  26. MandyHS

    The Superseeds Serum arrived with approximately 1/3 of the product missing. I believe it is in part due to a packaging flaw as the lid keeps coming unscrewed. I must admit that is disappointing. I hope they correct it soon otherwise, I would not purchase in the future. Aside from that, the product is wonderful. The first thing I noticed is the smell. It smells like citrus fruit. It’s heavenly. I’ve only been using the product for a few days but I’m noticing a difference. The fine lines around my eyes and mouth have reduced. The brightness in my skin has increased. Most importantly, my sensitive skin has not broke out a single time during the application process. I do recommend sticking with the suggested one pump of product as two pumps can make your face a little bit on the sticky side. In summary, I would recommend this product to others pending they do something about the packaging flaws.

  27. denitris payton

    This superseed serum has been a game changer for me. I use it every day and in just one to two short months, it has evened the tone of my skin, made it softer and even reduced a few fine lines that were starting to prop up (alas, early 30s). On top of the actual benefits, the company is eco friendly and cruelty free, so I feel like a better human

  28. RachelleW

    I had the pleasure of trying Superseeds Serum by Seed Phytonutrients and I am so glad that I did! The serum is great for aging skin, like my own, it has all natural ingredients. The ingredients are amazing and so great for ones skin. The ingredients are Camelina Seed Oil, Sunflower See Oil, Coconut, and Seaweed. All products that help with healing the skin. The product is vegan free and lightweight. It isn’t sticky and went on nicely. My skin felt alive and soft after using the product.

  29. DanielleB

    I really loved that when I put on this product it didn’t make my face feel oily ! It felt like I had nothing on after applying! I liked that this was a all natural product without all the chemicals added !

  30. Angie

    Makes skin feel soft and smooth. No oily look.

  31. Mommaof2

    This is a very nice serum not oily like some. I love that its gluten free , paraben free, vegan , no animal testing and with natural frangrances. This product helps early signs of aging which is awesome.

  32. Jenny

    Superseeds serum makes my face and next soft and clean. I’m gonna keep using and make myself look beautiful. I definitely plan to purchase. Thank you

  33. Mistygwen

    After trying this product for my fine lines of early aging, I would definitely go buy this product! It softened my skin, moistened and made me look fresh

  34. Tamcorso

    I am in that age where everything starts to change and One of the things that makes me more concern are early signs of aging. I have been researching online about what are the best options to take care of it and by that I learned about this Serum. I absolutely love that is organic (no need to add any kind of weird non natural/chemicals stuff to my skin), cruelty free and it supports independent organic farmers. After a few days of trying it, I saw excellent results: my skin looks and feels softer and rejuvenated. It absorbs fast and has a very nice soft natural fragrance. This Serum really delivers what it promises!

  35. Ash

    I’m 26 and have “expression marks” on my forehead and puffy bags under my eyes. I use this twice daily and not only do I see a difference in my skins firmness, making my lines smaller, it moisturizers so great! I love the sweet scent, and the light consistency. I definitely recommend this

  36. Jessap77

    I have to say, I’ve used this product TWO times and I can’t believe how wonderful my face feels. Just after 2 applications, I can feel my face starting to tighten up,” and not have to much “”elasticity”” to it. Some of the spots are even lighter. I am amazed at how quickly this stuff is working.

  37. Strideswife16

    Absolutely incredible feeling when i apply this on my skin!! I love the way it makes my skin feel incredibly soft and looks glowing. It’s super easy to apply and nice bottle it comes in. I had never heard of tgis brand before using this serum but I’m grateful i got the chance to use it i have replaced my old facial products with this brand now. I can see results already! Game changer!! Highly recommended!!

  38. Kris

    This is a great product i seen the difference in my skin immediately it makes the skin soft and not oily i love it

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