Dry Skin Favorites Set

Try all of our dry skin favorites together and save! This set offers rich, soothing moisture from head to toe, brought to you by some of nature’s finest skin-softening emollients: shea butter, castor oil, jojoba seed oil, argan oil, and more. For extra decadent, all-over moisture, mix a few drops of Bath & Body Treatment Oil into our Body Moisturizer in the palm of your hands before applying. Keep hands happily hydrated with our travel-friendly Hand Salve. Finish off trouble dry areas anywhere on the body with our heavy-duty Dry Patch Balm, and treat dry, chapped lips to our addictive Lip Balm!



  • Cedar leaf and beach sage (Hand Salve, Dry Patch Balm, Body Moisturizer)
  • Sea salt and bergamot (Bath & Body Treatment Oil)
  • None (Lip Balm)

Best for: 

  • All skin types (Body Moisturizer)
  • Dry hair and skin (Bath & Body Treatment Oil)
  • Dry, hardworking hands (Hand Salve)
  • Dry, chapped skin (Dry Patch Balm)
  • Dry, chapped lips (Lip Balm)

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  1. Jeff

    I’m so happy I bought this set for my dry skin, it worked great!

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