Body Cleanser

8.5 FL OZ. / 250 mL

Our vegan, sulfate free Body Cleanser removes impurities without stripping your skin or leaving it dry. Complete with nourishing ingredients like guar beans and coconut, this lightweight foaming formula will leave your skin feeling refreshingly soft and clean in no time.


Aroma: Cedar leaf and sage

Top notes: Cedar leaf and bitter orange essential oils

Middle notes: Sage, clove bud, and chamomile essential oils

Base notes: Teakwood essential oil and vanilla bean extractive

Best for: All skin types


Key Ingredients:

Camelina Seed Oil: Provides skin with protective vitamin E and nourishing omega-3s.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Moisturizes skin for vibrance, smoothness, and softness.

Guar Beans: Helps skin to lock in hydration and appear more lustrous.

Coconut: Softens skin and helps to reinforce skin barrier function.

Full Ingredient List:

Water (Aqua), Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate (Coconut), Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate (Coconut), Glycerin (Vegetable), Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine (Coconut), Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate (Sugar/Coconut), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Camelina Sativa (Camelina) Seed Oil, Lauryl Glucoside (Sugar), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Guar Beans), Fragrance (All Natural), Gluconolactone (Glucose Syrup), Potassium Sorbate*, Sodium Benzoate*, Citric Acid.

* = Food Grade Preservative

To read more about the function of every ingredient in this formula, check out our Ingredient Glossary.

Application Instructions:

Apply a quarter-sized amount onto body, or more as needed. Rinse thoroughly.

Recycling Instructions:

Aluminum Bottle: Clean well and recycle curbside with label on.

Flip-top Cap: Recycle with Pact Collective (we recommend saving up 5 to 10 hard-to-recycle Seed packages before mailing!)

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  1. Shkstewa

    I really didn’t expect to like this body wash, but I love it! The scent is very herbal, so it works for anyone in the family. It suds up just like the store brand body wash I use, and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized, but also clean and refreshed. I also love the recycled bottle and seed packet it comes with.

  2. Steph 847

    I absolutely loved this body wash! Not only is it free of harsh chemicals, it is so light. I love everything about it from the scent to the packaging that was very Earth friendly. It is important to take care of where you live- your body and planet and this product does just that. You know that fresh rejuvinating feeling you get from a shower? Now imagine you are using a product that supports that 100% and leaves you feeling even better! AMAZING!

  3. Lulu79

    I love this body cleanser. I use this product daily, it leaves my body and skin clean and hydrated. This product is made for all skin types, which is a plus for me because I have sensitive skin and usually I can’t use a lot of body wash and cleansers because they break me out. Also, this product has an amazing scent, which I love. I highly recommend you try this product, if you haven’t yet, you will not be disappointed.

  4. Megs63

    Wow! Thank you for introducing me to phytonutrients. What an amazing company! I love everything they stand for! The body wash was gentle and had an earthy scent. And the organic seeds that come in the recyclable packaging is just the icing on the cake. I would recommend them 10/10. I even follow them on Facebook now. I can’t wait to try their other products.

  5. Calibornbree

    This body cleanser not only makes your body feel so soft but it also smells soo good! I felt soft all day long and it held its moisture! The design of the bottle was also very slick and the pump worked perfectly!

  6. HeatherlyJustice

    I love that this soap has a sweet little surprise inside. I was excited to use it all so that I could see what kind of seeds were included. The only negative thing I can say is that the cardboard on the outside of the container falls off really easily once it gets wet in the shower. This leaves you with a plastic container that absolutely will not stand up on its own, so it just rolls around in the shower. The shower gel itself smells great. It makes me feel great knowing that it is made with ingredients that are good for my skin and body. I would highly recommend this soap and it would make a great gift as well!

  7. Michelle

    Very effective body wash. You don’t have to use a lot & it gets you perfectly clean! Great, natural product!

  8. Jennifer

    I got this product for free in exchange for my honest opinions. I took some time to really try it out and make sure I give a fair, honest review. This product has a nice minty smell, which is quite relaxing. The gel consistency is nice, it doesn’t foam up too much but I’m more than fine with it. It rinses off very quickly without feeling dry like some kind of soaps that I’ve tried before. So performance wise, it’s a solid product. What makes me give it 4 stars instead of 4 is the packaging. The packaging for this product is very interesting, it’s wrapped in a carton paper-ish looking, that really giving me an earthy, organic feeling but at the same time I was worried to put it near my shower because water dissolves paper. But it turns out the bottle itself is still plastic, it is just wrapped in paper. I was kinda let down by that. I thought this would be an environmental friendly beauty brand, but it wasn’t. I thought that was somewhat deceiving but that’s just me.

  9. sgarcia63

    Wao, I’m happy with this product. Excellent for the care of my skin. Soft, good aroma, leaves my skin clean, refreshing and moisturized. Best of all, it is for all skin types and does not contain sulfates.

  10. Tanya from Phoenix

    I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It really smelled great but didn’t leave a lot of floral smell on my skin which I love. It feels so fresh and clean on my skin. Lathered great and washed off easy, not leaving any film or residue feeling.

  11. Victoria

    I really enjoyed using this body wash as it smells really good & moisturized my skin reslly nice plus it’s eco-friendly so that’s a win-win for me!

  12. Vigorousrae

    The concept of this is awesome. I didn’t like the smell or feeling of the soap. But the seeds and outer shell of the soap is such a awesome idea. That’s whu this got 3 stars.

  13. Minda Rae

    I tried this product for the first time and I am in lust. The scent is wonderful. It left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. No film or residue left behind.

  14. Hannah8647

    Seed Phytonutrients Body Cleanse is awesome. I had no idea this company was it there but now I’m hooked! It smells great and lathers nicely. I love the recycled materials package and the use of small farms and heirloom seeds. This is so awesome. I love how clean and refreshed my skin feels. The packaging is neat and I live the meet it farmers section. And to add to ask this awesome, under the label, there are seeds for planting! I’m in love!

  15. JennyJune

    This body cleanser smells amazing, has a great lather (which is not normal for natural body cleansers) and leaves my skin super soft and smelling great. Phytonutrients brand supports independent American farmers by choosing to use their products and with each item you can learn about what farms products inside came from! If that wasn’t cool enough, once you are done with your item, you can rip the outside apart and the packaging is not only biodegradable, but is filled with seeds that will grown into a whole new creation! My mind is blown! I think that Phytonutrients are really filling some big shoes here and opening new doors for many brands with their great ideas! All in all, this is a fantastic product that I love, a company that scouts out and uses local American farms and turns our used trash into plants without leaving trash behind! Crazy amazing!

  16. Brizee77

    I got my free bottle of Seed Pharmaceutical body cleanser to try a few days ago. At first glance I was concerned with the bottle itself. It’s a thin plastic bottle with a recycled paper cover over it. I realized that the cover is removable. The first time I took the cover off, but the 2nd time I forgot and left it on in the shower. I was pretty surprised that it held up very well after getting wet. As far as the actual body cleanser goes, I loved it. I thought it smelled great. It had a very clean scent that was not overpowering. It also lathered much better then I thought. I only had to put it on the washcloth once instead of many time. A little goes a long way. I will definitely be buying this in the future.

  17. Shannon L

    This body cleanser is amazing. It leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized. It has a light scent that is just amazing and makes the shower feel like a rainforest. The pump is easy to use and the bottle is neat as well. I like how they used cardboard instead of plastic for their packaging. This is a very great product!

  18. Plaggs

    I loved how the product left my skin feeling and that I knew that it was all natural! I didn’t particularly care for the scent though.

  19. Leari

    I really enjoyed trying out this body cleanser from Seed Phytonutrients. I really like how clean my skin felt after using this cleanser. I like the smell and lather it had as week.

  20. Smw6971

    Love this body cleanser. It smells so great! Very unisex. If you want a fresh scented body cleanser, that’s great for the environment go for it! I love that there is a seed pack inside to plant after using! Can’t wait to plant mine.

  21. amy is me

    i love the Seed Phytonutrients body wash! it has a light citrusy scent and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized! some all natural body wash products do not foam up enough but the Seed Phytonutrients body washed really foamed up on my loofah wonderfully! i would and do highly recommend the Seed Phytonutrients body wash!

  22. Hotbluemama

    I love the slightly minty smell! It isn’t over powering or even tingling on your skin, the smell though is invigorating! Very nice lather also with a slightly scrubby texture. I also like the squirt bottle that is reusable!

  23. HippieMama

    Love the creative waterproof paper packaging! We cant wait to plant the wildflower seeds and I love the message it is teaching our kids! Perfect citrus fragrance, not too flowery for my guys. Highly recommend for moms looking for safe organic products and environmentally conscious packaging!

  24. Aelene

    Oh my gosh this stuff is great. Not only does it feel wonderful it smells amazing! One of the best smelling products I have ever had. Period! And I can’t wait to plant the seeds included inside! So neat.

  25. Cb82

    What a great product! Completely organic and works amazing!! Absolutely recommend!!

  26. Becka

    Smells amazing and feels amazing!!!!!! Highly recommended for anyone! Absolutely wonderful.

  27. Kristylynn37

    This product makes your skin feel so good! I love the smell too! I use it everyday in the shower! I would highly recommend it! Its made of high quality!

  28. Missy519

    I recently was selected to review this product for my 100% honest opinion. Seed company has made it very delightful and experience to say the least. When I first got this I was very excited to jump right in the shower, not to mention my kitten couldn’t keep her nose off the bottle. The smell of the product is beyond amazing. The lathering of the soap is rather the same as any other soaps you get. I would honestly have to place this soap up against bath and body works. The smell is amazing and finding my self wanting to rewash over and over again. It smells delicious and makes my whole body feel great. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

  29. Hockeypucker

    Oh my goodness! This body wash is amazing!! It smells so good. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Lathers up so well. I think my favorite part was taking the brown cover off of the bottle and finding the package of lemon basil seeds. The only thing I didn’t like, after I took the brown part off, the bottle didn’t sit flat, but I can totally deal with that. I really like this product and I would absolutely highly recommend it. It’s so gentle on your skin too. Huge winner in my books!

  30. LeleR

    I love the body gel! It’s organic and free of chemicals. It has a great smell and made me feel extra clean after! The best part is there are seeds that you can plant in the left over bottle after the gel is gone and have a flower from it! I’m excited for that.

  31. SaPA

    This product is amazing. I love knowing that there are safe, harmless ingredients. I love the recycled, recyclable, packaging.

  32. Duck1031

    I the the smell of and of camelina and the sunflower seeds it help to moisture the body I love it because I have dry skin and it left my skin moist and smooth soft fresh. I love this body cleanser the phytonutrients seed.

  33. CRYSTAL2381

    my daughter loved this she is allergic to everything

  34. Jj star

    The first day I used this product I felt a difference on my skin. I love how it makes my skin feel.

  35. TaraC

    My skin feels clean and refreshed after using this! I love that the paper around the container contains seeds to plant. I really appreciate a company that looks out for the environment! I definitely recommend!

  36. Belinda

    One of the best natural, gentle cleansers out there. First, I love the importance of the story behind Seed Phytonutrients and how well they made this product which includes no animal testing and good natural ingredients. The cleanser is in a very durable recyclable cardboard which you can remove but note if you do the plastic container can be a bit wobbly to support on its own. I’m impressed with the pleasant smell of lemon basil it’s the right amount of fresh scent without being overpowering. (Plus comes with your own seeds) The product lathers okay would need two pumps possibly to lather the whole body however it’s amazing for sensitive skin like mine no itching or redness afterwards. I would definitely recommend to others to try this incredible cleanser and can’t wait to possibly try new products from this line 🙂

  37. Becky

    I really love this body cleanser, I have sensitive skin and this one is the first one I found that don’t bother my skin. It smells amazing and the bottle is so cute. I would recommend everyone use this!

  38. Angeleyes749

    I love the recycled packaging first, I did worry because of the cardboard material that if I got it too wet it may break down but that was the only less than wonderful thing. The scent is amazing, like fresh sunflowers and seeds together! It comes with a pump and is clear as well as it lathered well for me. I was left feeling clean but without any dryness once I was dried off, I was very thankful for that with it being the winter. The scent also stayed with me for a few hours after, Mmm, I definitely plan on using this wash in the future.

  39. AnnieL

    This cold, dry winter has done a number on my dry skin- and I just wanted to share how excited I am about Seed Phytonutrients! Let’s talk about the ingredients first- because one of my resolutions has been to educate myself about reading labels and understanding what’s in the products that I am using. What is does have- camelina seed oil, sunflower seed oil and coconut. It’s both plant based and vegan. Most importantly it does NOT contain sulfates, parabens or harsh chemicals. It cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling moisturized for the rest of the day. I have already purchased other products from this company and can’t wait for them to arrive- you have to check them out!

  40. Maryjob02

    Game changer bath products. You’ve really got to buy this for it to be believed. Packaging is, basically, a cardboard bottle (but shower safe). Ingredients include cold-pressed oils from heirloom seeds locally sourced from organic farmers. When the bottle is empty, split it open to find a packet of those heirloom seeds to plant. Also, since you actually are buying this as a body wash: it’s pretty perfect. I don’t see how this could be any better.

  41. Leslieann3188

    I had never heard of this product before, but I was excited to try it ! I love that it is a nice, light cleanser and made me feel very clean and soft. I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to my friends !

  42. lex

    i like the product. just not used to it. very different but very interesting

  43. Meghicks

    I was happy with the scent was not overpowering but lasted all day.left me feeling clean and happy!!

  44. Christy

    I love the whole idea behind this product.From the packaging to the natural ingredients. It has a herbal like scent that is kinda strong but does fade some once you get out of the shower. It even comes with seeds inside the label. I honestly thought the paper on the outside would fall off after getting wet, but it didn’t. It also lathers up just as good as other body washes. If you like earth friendly and natural products, this is for you.

  45. Carla Lemus

    Me encanto es muy buen producto…se lo recomiendo a todos mis familiares….totalmente me enamoré de este producto

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