Sustainability Always

We believe that beauty can, and should be, sustainable. That's why we commit to offsetting and reducing our carbon footprint annually, using recyclable packaging for all of our products, and partnering with Pact to recycle the packaging components that you can't recycle at home. We feel that it’s our responsibility to lead the way and promote environmental sustainability for the beauty industry as a whole.

Climate Neutral Certified™

In April 2021, we became Climate Neutral Certified™ after analyzing our 2020 carbon footprint, then offseting our total greenhouse gas emissions for the year through supporting a variety of carbon sequestration projects. Through this process, we discovered that our 2020 carbon footprint was equal to 256 metric tonnes (tCO2e)! This is equivalent to 30.8 homes’ energy use for 1 year or 55.7 passenger vehicles driven for 1 year. We’ve offset this entirely through purchasing verified “carbon credits.” One credit equals one metric tonne of carbon being offset. These carbon credits are essentially financial investments in climate change solutions. We’re investing in forest protection, geothermal energy, and converting landfill gas to energy.


Supporting Climate Change Solutions

Through our partnership with Climate Neutral, we’re supporting projects focused on conserving a biodiverse forest in Cambodia, advancing clean cookstove use in Mali, supporting geothermal power generation in Indonesia, capturing landfill methane and generating renewable energy in the US. Each project is independently verified, ensuring they’re effectively protecting our climate.


Sustainable Packaging

We are committed to continuously improving the sustainability and recyclability of the packaging for all of our products. In October 2021, we moved away from our revolutionary shower-friendly paper bottles with plastic liners in favor of a more sustainable material- aluminum.

About 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in circulation today because it has a high consumer recycling rate and it can be endlessly reprocessed and reformed without any major loss of metal quality. The recycling process for aluminum requires only about 5% of the energy required for its primary production. Also, because it’s so lightweight versus many other packaging materials, it requires minimal energy for transportation.

Recycle Your Closures with Pact

We utilize curbside-recyclable packaging materials as much as possible, while ensuring optimal functionality of our products. For packaging components requiring materials that are not recyclable curbside, we’ve partnered with Pact on a mail-back recycling program to help close the loop on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging. Here’s how it works:

1. Follow this link to generate your shipping label. Because Pact is a nonprofit, they’ll collect $5 to cover the cost of shipping. Don’t worry— we want you guys recycling every piece of your Seed packaging, so we’re immediately giving you this $5 back in the form of a gift card to our site. Plus, a surprise FREE GIFT will be added to your cart when you redeem it! It’s our way of saying thanks on behalf of the planet. Your gift card code will be provided in the same email as your shipping label from Pact, and you can use it at any time!

2. Place 5-10 hard-to-recycle Seed packages (all of our pumps, flip-top caps, and sprayers) in a box no larger than 6”x6”x3” or an envelope no larger than 8”x12”.

3. Drop your package in the mailbox and Pact will do the recycling!

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