Preserving Seed Diversity

For thousands of years, seeds have been cultivated, but over the past century, 94% of seed varieties have been lost due to many factors including over-commercialization (Charles Siebert, “Food Ark,” National Geographic, July 2011).

Seed saving is extremely important because it creates diversity in plant species that help protect them from pests, diseases and changes in climate.

We vow to do our part to save the seed varieties that we have left.

Seeding a Surprise

Together with our friends at the Hudson Valley Seed Company, we have developed a little surprise just for you inside all of our paper bottles. After you’ve used up all of the product in your bottle, crack it open to discover a beautifully-designed packet of a range of heirloom herb seeds. Grow these in your garden or keep them inside on your windowsill!

At Seed Phytonutrients, we are committed to supporting the growth of organic, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and sharing them with you to create more resilient plants across our planet.

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