How to Keep Honeybees

Posted - July 26, 2017
honey bees on honeycomb

These imperiled pollinators perform an estimated 80 percent of all plant pollination. Keep them buzzing by following our simple guide.

You can hardly say “honeybee” anymore without hearing the reverb “colony collapse disorder.” Back in 2006, American beekeepers began reporting staggering losses, ranging from 30 to 90 percent of their hives. More than a decade later, scientists have yet to identify a definitive culprit.

Meanwhile, U.S. citizens have taken up the cause, establishing hives in backyards, atop roofs, at restaurants, even on the White House lawn. It’s no wonder people get hooked—bees are unbelievably interesting creatures. Ready to join the backyard beekeeping revolution and help keep pollinators buzzing? Here’s our guide.