Why did you switch from your paper bottles to aluminum?

While we're proud of our revolutionary shower-friendly paper bottles, they did contain thin plastic liners, and recycling them was a bit more complex than our current packaging. Additionally, about 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in circulation today, because it has a higher consumer recycling rate than plastic does, and it can be endlessly reprocessed and reformed without any major loss of metal quality!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes- 100%! All of our bottles and tubes are recyclable curbside. We utilize curbside-recyclable packaging materials as much as possible, while ensuring optimal functionality of our products. For packaging components requiring materials that are not recyclable curbside (pumps, flip-top caps, and sprayers) we've partnered with Pact on a mail-back recycling program.

How do I recycle my pumps, sprayers, and flip-top caps?

Seed Phytonutrients has partnered with Pact Collective to create a free mail-back recycling program for our hard-to-recycle closures. Save up your pumps, sprayers, and flip-top caps and request a shipping label here. Because Pact is a nonprofit, they'll collect $5 to cover the cost of shipping. Don't worry— we want you guys recycling every piece of your Seed packaging, so we're immediately giving you this $5 back in the form of a gift card to our site. Plus, a surprise FREE GIFT will be added to your cart when you redeem it! It's our way of saying thanks on behalf of the planet. Your gift card code will be provided in the same email as your shipping label from Pact, and you can use it at any time!