Executive, Farmer, Animal Rescuer: The Many Roles of Seed Phytonutrients’ Shane Wolf

Posted - October 30, 2017

Shane Wolf manages three major beauty brands—and a 10-acre organic farm and rescue animal sanctuary in Bucks County, PA. You can take the boy off the farm … but not for long.

Pretend that you’re the worldwide manager of one of the best-known haircare brands in the world. When it comes to million-dollar decisions, you make the final call. Your work week might take you from a creative brainstorm in New York City to a corporate meeting in Paris to a photoshoot in Los Angeles. Now imagine that you do all of that, but for three big-deal brands. Oh, and just to keep things interesting, you’re about to launch a fourth.

Welcome to the world of Shane Wolf, the global manager of Redken, Pureology, and Mizani—as well as the founder of Seed Phytonutrients, a forthcoming “farm-to-body” collection of plant-based body- and haircare products. “I work really hard, and I work a lot, because I love what I do,” he says. And though he spends weekends in bucolic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wolf doesn’t exactly kick back. He and his husband, Michael “Shawn” Ranspot, maintain an organic farm on ten acres in Kintnersville. “When that gate opens and I drive onto the farm, I can physically feel myself change,” he says.