Proud to Announce That We Are Leaping Bunny Certified

Posted - October 1, 2020
by Sarah K. Grundy Seed Phytonutrients is now Leaping Bunny Certified! As a seedling, Seed Phytonutrients had a mission to change the Read More

It’s Our Earth Day Birthday!

Posted - April 22, 2019
Seed Phytonutrients launched with one goal: to radically upend the beauty and personal-care business, especially where its impact on our Read More

Yay! The Latest Farm Bill Finally Passed Congress! Why the Heck Should I Care?

Posted - December 14, 2018
Despite its specific-seeming name, the Farm Bill addresses numerous issues that may not strike you as obviously agricultural, such as Read More

What Does a Seed Farmer Do?

Posted - August 13, 2018
Saving seed from this year’s crop in order to sow it the following spring is a romantic idea, but most modern-day farmers don’t have Read More

Meet the Farmer: Ryan Alexander of Alexander Farms

Posted - February 1, 2018
Ryan Alexander grew up on a farm in Wilmington, Ohio, but he was always more interested in rock ‘n’ roll than soil and corn. Ryan Read More

The Story Behind the Beauty Industry’s Most Eco-Friendly Packaging

Posted - January 10, 2018
A recyclable, compostable shampoo bottle is a tall order, but teamwork made it happen. Here's a sobering fact: The average American Read More

Those Gorgeous Hudson Valley Seed Company Art Packs? This Is How They’re Made

Posted - January 2, 2018
Hear from the designers who created Seed Phytonutrients’ custom collection. The imagery on most seed packets tends toward the literal, Read More

Executive, Farmer, Animal Rescuer: The Many Roles of Seed Phytonutrients’ Shane Wolf

Posted - October 30, 2017
Shane Wolf manages three major beauty brands—and a 10-acre organic farm and rescue animal sanctuary in Bucks County, PA. You can take Read More

A Visit with the Seed Squad: We’re Not in Paris Anymore

Posted - October 24, 2017
Doylestown, PA, home of Seed Phytonutrients’ headquarters, is a far cry from L’Oréal’s glossy offices in New York City and Paris. Read More

Beauty Bites: Seed Phytonutrients

Posted - September 27, 2017
This post was written by Chanda Stacker and used with her permission. To learn more about Chanda, visit Last Read More