Save Some Green By Going Green: A Beginner's Guide to Sustainability

August 07, 2017

Looking to clean up your lifestyle, but are overwhelmed with where to begin? Here are 4 simple swaps to incorporate zero-waste practices into your life for a sustainable, greener you! Plastic water bottles are the biggest resident at landfills and the way they are manufactured is harmful to the environment and they are not biodegradable. All the more reason to make the jump from plastic water bot
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No Land? No Problem. You Can Still Get Growing with Containers!

Dan Nosowitz • July 27, 2017

Don’t let a lack of acreage stop you from flexing your green thumb. Our potted-plant primer makes it possible to garden just about anywhere. Containers offer lots of advantages to the space-challenged urban gardener: It’s easier to control soil quality, water levels—even the weather, by moving pots inside when temperatures drop. But there are special considerations. Meredith Sheperd, founde
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Meet the Scientists Hunting and Saving Wild Sunflower Seeds

Nelson Harvey • July 27, 2017

Follow a pair of scientists as they hit the road in search of the sunflower’s wild cousins, which may hold the key to helping the crop thrive in the face of climate change.  We're crawling along Highway 95, just south of Hanksville, Utah, when Laura Marek spots it: a flash of yellow amid the region’s red and ochre sandstone cliffs. “There! Up that draw!” Marek exclaims, pointing at a sandy r
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