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Beauty Bites: Seed Phytonutrients

Chanda Stacker • September 28, 2017

This post was written by Chanda Stacker and used with her permission. To learn more about Chanda, visit http://www.pancakestacker.com/ Last week, I had the pleasure of being introduced to L'Oréal's new incubator beauty brand, Seed Phytonutrients. I know what you're thinking (because I was, too) - another beauty brand? Do we really need one? Probably not, if it's just another brand. But aft
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Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability Within the Global Beauty Industry

Annie Tomlin • August 23, 2017

A small group of L’Oréal execs pay more than mere lip service to sustainability by launching a personal-care brand that puts independent, organic farmers first. Meet the trailblazers behind Seed Phytonutrients. It’s 8 a.m. on a relentlessly sunny July morning at Barefoot Botanicals, a small organic herb farm in rural Pennsylvania. Elderberry plants sway in the breeze, a rooster crows in the dist
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